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opis oh opis!

the board. the board is a quite troublesome thing for me but, as people say, for everything that happen in life must have hikmah behind it rite? one of the privilege i like being in the board is the office. … Continue reading

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sentap gile duh!

today suddenly i ran into Unc. J.Goody. he is a public worker here in the college. nice person he is. quite frank too. itu yang buat pedas tu~ Unc.J.G : buat ape dalam office? tidur yeah? me : ye uncle.. … Continue reading

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saya dah turun board!

wah! leganya rasa! relieved! finally! last night was the night where the news break out. Mr.Harimau have gotten ayahanda’s agreement to dissolve the board and appoint the new board. lega cek…. time to pass the baton. the new board gather … Continue reading

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