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its about the tunes im listening to

worth to get exited people

higlights? liyana fizi the vegetarian live next tuesday, anyone up for it? links Advertisements

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if you kinda like techno music

do take a look here, nothing beats discovering new music

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funny little dream

i came across this indie pop duo last month, when everybody started behaving a bit like zombies. i too were zombie like for the whole month, thanks to the vuvuzelas, i haven’t got much sleep, and around all those time not sleeping, … Continue reading

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yuna – decorate

seriously i dont fancy yuna, but i fancy her songs. so this is one from the recently released album, decorate.   this song has been out for quite some time. why is it so hard for songs like this to … Continue reading

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Kedai mamak sessions #2: Ahmad Luqman Ahmad Firdaus

A celebrated figure here in sultan’s college, Ahmad Luqman Ahmad Firdaus or Mr. Orem (Major kehormat according to some) to his friends, is a very nice guy that is often being misunderstood. Is it because of his physique and sometimes … Continue reading

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lagu jepun!

nais tamborine~

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playlist saya hari ini #5 – tak ade tema la de

aku baru perasan lame gile xbuat playlist, bile dgr lagu main bantai je selalunye susah sikit nak dapat feel lagu. bile buat playlist. pasang headphones, dgr betul2 baru layan~ lagu2 ni antara yang paling best la minggu nih tapi lagu … Continue reading

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