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Rest for a minute

If you are a cadet officer, you should be terrified with the word rest. When your instructor, officer or even your senior ask, Penat ke? Nak rest ke? Never answer with a yes. Or it will absolutely worsen your life. … Continue reading

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exersais~ mula!

That’s the phrase you’ll always heard when you’re doing early morning PT. so this time around we’ll talk about the most famous PT of all: jumping jacks. or in askar terms: PT10 (pee-tee sepuluh), not everybody in askar are calling … Continue reading

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Physical Training?

mama and papa were lying in bed mama roll over and this what she said oh gimme some! oh gimme some! PT! good for you! good for me! aku quote full metal jacket lagi. cte biase je tapi ade effect … Continue reading

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