kalau lah ade seluar macam ni, sape yang sanggup pakai?

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motivator? not exactly…

just something to mark the renovation of

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apabila anda tiada idea

apakah yang anda akan lakukan?

baru balik dari makan steamboat maeps buat kali ke 18 hahaha aku fikir nak blog pasal tu tapi kamera aku tadi tersimpan dalm poket je. jadi harus menunggu gambar2 dari kamera abang KI dahulu.

aku fikir nak blog pasal prof adam suhaimi dari IIUM pagi tadi yang baik hati dan experience aku jadi LO for something big. selalunye aku buat event kolej cikai2 je, bila naik event uni tiba-tiba rase gugup pon ade. tapi experience ape nak buat tu adelah. tapi aku rasa pasal aku xgrad tahun ni jadi aku xnak la buat entri konvokesyen. buat sakit hati je.

jadi aku ambil sekotak rokok yang aku baru beli dari shell percint lapan putrajaya dan menghala ke jamban. itu lah selalu nya yang aku akan lakukan untuk brain storming yang lebih berkesan, tanye la sape2 pon. serius berkesan.. hahaha

p/s kat bilik air nampak kucing buang air kat lobang jamban. hebat kucing ini. siapakah yang mengajar dia berak disana? aku nak ajar kucing ni flush pulak lah..

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Hello Boavista~

it was grieving

a trojan horse in my s60? wow that is something new. trojan is nothing that i cant handle. plug in USB then came the problem, a certain somebody click on a folder and its just spread in my PC like butter melting in your hands.  very fast.

Fuck i say, a couple of times.

Boavista it is. must came from portugal, fuck you cristiano ronaldo. or maybe even brazil, fuck you maicon. i started to panic, ok hold off PC solve your phone first i think. i went to the nest room as the owner say that his anti-virus is the most complete and up to date virus database is the whole college.

bragging a bit i see there.

what the heck, i just scan my phone and look for problems, but then again, no problems this ESET and NOD32 say my phone was. in good health and tip top condition. hmmm.. complete my ass. even i could tell there a problem just by looking a it. every folder was a short-cut to a drive non-existent.

this call for drastic action.

formatting the phone. sure i risk every single thing inside the phone to be gone. memories of i-city, terengganu and last eid. nuraniza idris enjut, and many more. but thinking that i have little options made me click the format button. its ok, songs i can recover, and there will be new memories to be made. then a friend cam and said

“hey jat asal ko format? show hidden folder sudah”


frust + mental = very ill. not good

P/S tetiba rase nak pakai android la pulak. HTC~~~

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The Exam and The Parents

its that time of the year again,

its the exam season,

first it was UPSR last month and ongoing this week is PMR for form 3 students. next month is SPM kinda busy period for teachers all over the country and a very stressful period for parents. why?

well im not really sure why, but i have a very good but rough idea.

in this country where academic excellence is the sole most important thing for a student, not achieving straight A’s would be a disaster to both parents and the students themselves.

parents are ashamed that their kids are not doing well in school, and is not doing very well they are ashamed that their next door neighbor kids are aced every single exam they take, and their sons not.

im not saying that this happen to me, cuz my mom was very lenient and i am a studyholic back in school days. im also not saying that this happen in every single household here in this country but i can see what this academic excellence is doing to parents nowadays.

the only thing they see is the number of A’s in that piece of paper. sure scoring straight A’s will get you a comercial deal with stabilo, faber-castle and all, but is that number of A’s really worth it to rob a kid’s childhood?

i saw a mom sent her 8 year old to tuition center every single day, man he’s 8 year old for god’s sake. he was supposed to be playing games, getting into sports and all that stuff kids 8 year old s do, but all  hes gonna remember when hes grown up is the smell of that tuition center.

im not saying that academic excellence is not important and kids should be playing all day long. but tone down please. i have pity for kids nowadays. kids should have time to enjoy their childhood too.

i heard a ceramah once saying what parents should do when their young is in exam year, things like start encouraging early, time stable forcing, prepare a wholesome meal, take care of their health, pray much, and etc

all the usual but i kind off exited when hearing the professor said that day to encourage youngsters to do their best and not do the best.

and im like “hey i like her” all of the sudden. then she says about EQ and SQ which was quite heavy and pretty much boring, but then she says the most important phrase that night. stick to my mind

know their (youngsters) potential,

simple enough is it? if at an early age we see that these youngsters are not suited for science, physics, chemistry, and all of the academic stuff, why force them? as long as they do their best, it is okay. maybe they are more into football, let them be the best in football, the 1st professional from Malaysia to play in Europe for instance. if we think that they have talent playing musical instruments. let them play what they like. who knows you maybe nursing the next matthew bellamy.

basicly what im saying here is to change the current philosophy and current way of life that emphasis too much on academic. and i know that the government is doing something and is thinking of erasing UPSR and PMR for the new educational process. but if the rakyat didnt change much, its no use lah!

P/S break a leg people. do your best in your exams.

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worth to get exited people

higlights? liyana fizi the vegetarian live next tuesday, anyone up for it?


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what i get from 2 weeks holidaying

najat ayub terharu melihat mezut ozil ucap selamat eid di twitter.

it seems that i cant bring myself to use the pc at home. dont know why, is it because my brother keep playing starcraft:wings of liberty, or my little niece keep asking to watch ultraman cosmos, i dont know. but i think it is because im at home and home time was quality that supposed to be spent with family. family first always.

mak nak pegi bawak rombongan meminang untuk abang aku ke terengganu, itu pun aku ragu-ragu nak pergi

i ask maam besar would she bring the entourage if i ask her to do it for me now, and she answer a little bit like this “kalau mak tak pegi, mesti budak tu merana” which bring lots of questions in my head. but come to think of it, bringing the entourage get a girl for me sure cost much. 1st there is the question of hantaran, then the ring, then the gas, pocket money,tolls etc,etc.

baik simpan duit dari sekarang kan? mase depan senang.

it easy to say that. but as an income less person currently living with borrowed money i would say i have a very decent savings. maam besar said that money should be save for hajj. ahhhh i will keep that in my mind. in case death and illness comes first i need to be a pilgrimage first before thinking bout anything else. hmmmm~ need to save at least rm50 a month in tabung haji. after buying a fridge for maam, i would like to save more money for a new house.

aku nak jadi anak yang baik juga hehe

dapat rumah camni seronok juge

music wise, ive gotten my hands on bunkface’s phobia phoney, yuna’s decorate and seven collar t-shirts the great battle. the latter two each done a wonderful showcase at KLpac, which i hope could be turn into some kind of dvd or anything lah! so is butterfingers last performance on istana budaya. epic people say they are and  i would like too see them too. please have a dvd version in the near future. so maybe i would do some review in the next few days. lets hope i can be posted and not left in the draft to rot.

padahal esemen banyak juge nih. huh~ kenape aku sangat malas nih?

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